“Sphinx Legacy” 編纂記 第8回


出典:”Sphinx”,1911年4月号 執筆者: 広告

In the “Magician Annual” for 1910-11 (here appeared a brief notice to the effect that I was preparing for publication a new work entitled “Exclusive Magical Secrets” This has brought me a number of letters asking for particulars of the work.

One correspondent says: “I see that the book is to be brought out at 25s. net. It will have to be something very good to be worth that!” That is just what it is going to be—something very good—something better than the best thing of its sort ever before published—something well worth five guineas.

For more than six years I have been working at it. Even now my task is not finished. I am still adding to the  mass of original matter, still planning and shaping the various features, still writing necessary explanations, still commissioning artists for special diagrams. First, as to the form of the book. My subscribers can rely on that being both unique and sumptuous. I propose to limit the issue to one thousand copies, Each copy will be bound in leather, and will be fitted with a patent lock. The subscriber’s name will be embossed in gold on his particular copy. The text will be set up from new type, and the illustrations will be printed on art paper.




何と”Exclusive Magical Secrets”というすごい本が、今日では無料で入手できてしまいます。以下のアドレスからダウンロードできます。



Edwin Sachsの”Sleight of Hand”や、George Kaplanの”The Fine Art of Magic”など、喉から手が出るほど欲しかった重要文献を、今回の調査中にダウンロードすることができました。それらのアドレスも”Sphinx Legacy”に記載する予定です。